7 days a week: 6am – 5pm – (662) 354-9707

7 days a week: 6am – 5pm –
(662) 354-9707


Franklin Fishing Tours offers an unforgettable experience for fishing enthusiasts, providing expert guidance and access to some of the most bountiful fishing locations for crappie in North Mississippi.



Franklin Fishing Tours offers an unforgettable experience for fishing enthusiasts, providing expert guidance and access to some of the most bountiful fishing locations in the area.




There are several reasons why you should choose to book with Franklin Fishing Tours. Firstly, our team of experienced guides are passionate about fishing and dedicated to ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. Secondly, we have extensive knowledge of the local fishing spots and can take you to the best locations where you are likely to catch a variety of fish. Additionally, we provide top-quality fishing equipment and gear to enhance your fishing experience. With Franklin Fishing Tours, you can trust that every aspect of your fishing adventure will be well taken care of.


Share your desired fishing destinations and preferences with Franklin Fishing Tours, and our experienced team will work closely with you to customize a personalized fishing adventure that exceeds your expectations and brings your dream fishing trip to life.



North Mississippi is known for its lakes. While each has its charm, Enid Lake offers a different kind of fishing experience, and Franklin Fishing Tours is here to guide you through it.

Compared to Grenada Lake and Sardis Lake, what sets Enid Lake apart?

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  • Diversity: Grenada might be the go-to for crappies, but Enid has a mix. With us, you’ll get to fish for a variety of species, making every trip unique.
  • Terrain: Enid Lake has its own mix of landscapes and underwater spots. It’s different from the vast Grenada and picturesque Sardis. This means different fishing techniques and spots to explore.
  • Tournaments: Enid’s fishing events focus on its wide range of fish. This is different from the large, crappie-centric events at Grenada or the relaxed ones at Sardis. It’s about showcasing all of Enid.

At Franklin Fishing Tours, we know Enid Lake. We provide straightforward, effective guidance to ensure you get the best fishing experience. Choose Enid with us for a solid day out on the water.


Grenada Lake stands out, especially for crappie enthusiasts. Franklin Fishing Tours is your expert guide to its waters.

When you stack Grenada Lake against Enid Lake and Sardis Lake, here’s what makes it special:

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  • Crappie Capital: While Enid offers diverse species and Sardis has its attractions, Grenada is the powerhouse for crappies. If you’re after size and quantity, this is your spot.
  • Unique Layout: Grenada spans over 35,000 acres with a mix of underwater structures perfect for crappies. It’s not just about size but also about the thrill of finding the best spots.
  • Tournaments: The fishing events at Grenada are a big deal, drawing in anglers from all over. It’s not just about the fun; it’s about prestige and the potential of reeling in a record-breaker.

With Franklin Fishing Tours, you’re in good hands. We know Grenada Lake inside out. Choose us, and let’s embark on the ultimate crappie fishing adventure.


Among the jewels of North Mississippi’s lakes, Sardis Lake offers a tranquil fishing retreat. At Franklin Fishing Tours, we’re eager to help you explore its calm waters.

Here’s what sets Sardis Lake apart when you compare it to Grenada Lake and Enid Lake:

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  • Peaceful Getaway: While Grenada is renowned for crappies and Enid boasts diverse species, Sardis is the place for those seeking a quiet, relaxed fishing day. It’s the antidote to the hustle of the bigger tournaments.
  • Scenic Beauty: Covering its own vast area, Sardis Lake has picturesque landscapes that make for great fishing backdrops. It’s not just about the catch, but also the serene environment in which you fish.
  • Family-friendly: Sardis often attracts families and casual anglers. The events here are less about competition and more about enjoying the experience and nature.

Choose Franklin Fishing Tours when you’re looking for a laid-back fishing day with beautiful surroundings. At Sardis Lake, we help you unwind and fish at your own pace.


Ready to embark on your ultimate fishing adventure? Get in touch with Franklin Fishing Tours today and let our friendly and knowledgeable team assist you in planning the perfect fishing experience. Whether you have questions, need more information, or are ready to book your trip, we are here to help. Contact us now to start your fishing journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.